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Hi Reader,

I connect with a lot of business owners in a week. I hear a lot, and I observe even more. I've condensed 49+ recent conversations into three top-of-mind topics. This is my summary, not direct quotes. Let's get into it.

Slow Starts to 2024

This isn't about finances; it's about pace. Many entrepreneurs described their January 2024 as stuck, glacial pace, false starts, start and stop, and lack of inertia.

My advice: No matter the cause, you still have eleven months of 2024 to do. Please don't let a slow start in January dictate your February. And let's reframe a bit. Maybe January didn't meet your expectations, but what did you accomplish?

Unmanaged Revenue Growth

I'm worried about the entrepreneurs reporting their fast and unexpected growth. Vacations are being canceled or turned into work trips; doctor appointments are rescheduled for later; hiring is happening without a strategy.

My advice: David Packard once said, “More companies die from overeating than starvation.” While many of us want to grow, sometimes we can grow too quickly, which can be much more costly than short-term, slow sales. Sustainable growth requires planning and management. Build a team of advisors that can help you through it.

Roles vs. Real Connections

Business owners are craving real connections with other business owners. But because of the roles they play in their existing support groups, like successful business owners or GSD parents, they don't feel like they have a place where they can be open about their current reality.

My advice: Have at least one other person you can be very open with about all the super-exciting, kind-of-scary things AND the sucky, awful things in business. A therapist, a coach, a mentor. SOMEONE who is not relying on you to continue to play the role that keeps you from discussing the things you need to discuss.

Overall, there continues to be a sense of optimism in my entrepreneurial community. Most are still excited about what this year will hold. And as my Mom would remind me, "Everything happens for a reason." No matter where you are, you're in the right place. And you can always reach out to me. I'm here for you, friend!

If you like/do not like this summary of what's top-of-mind for business owners, please let me know. I'm always open to feedback.

Thanks for reading; I'll catch you next week!

Julie Bee

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