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🟩[FIRST NAME GOES HERE], April 18th virtual event, deadline approaching.

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You've probably heard: I'm releasing a book! I'd be honored if you'd pre-order a copy, and I'm releasing over $2,000 in bonuses for those who pre-order by March 31st. That includes three virtual events, two email and audio courses, insights about how I secured a book deal, and a few other special bonuses.

The first event is April 18th from 2pm-3pm EST, and your ticket to it is through pre-ordering my book and registering by the fast-approaching deadline: March 31st! Here are the details of this event; it will be recorded for those who register.

Your ticket to this event is the pre-order purchase of my book by March 31st. It's easy:

  1. Pre-order my book and save your order number. Order on Amazon or at this local, independent bookstore.
  2. Go to my website and fill out this form.
  3. Check your email for details.

That's it! Once your purchase is verified, you'll receive email invitations to the events, as well as when to expect all the other pre-order bonuses.

I humbly ask you to purchase my book Burned: How Business Owners Can Overcome Burnout and Fuel Success. I'm thankful for you and your support - you'll never know how much it means.

As always, please reach out with any questions, thoughts, or comments!

Julie Bee

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Julie Bee

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