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Hi Reader,

šŸ™‹ It's me. I'm the one entrepreneur.

I've launched the pre-order bonuses for my book Burned: How Business Owners Can Overcome Burnout and FUEL Success. I'm humbly asking you to pre-order my book šŸ˜Š

BTS of Book Launching

I'll share many of the behind-the-scenes of my author's journey here, and it IS a journey, y'all. Check out all the versions of the cover design my book went through before we landed on the final design.



Pre-Order Bonuses

If you pre-order my book and register on my website by March 31, 2024, you'll get over $2,000 in bonuses, including THREE live, virtual events. All for the price of one book.

Here's the list of bonus content you'll get - most of it isn't even in my book!

āœ… April 18th virtual live event: Conquering Burnout, with panelists of experts Michael Leiter, Cara Houser, and Janice Litvin.

āœ… May 16th virtual live event: Delegate to Elevate, with panelists Dave Kerpen, Emily Morgan, Robert Glazer, and Bishop Beall.

āœ… June 18th virtual live event: Burned Launch Party, with guests Molly Barker, Trish Saemann, and Jill Lublin.

In addition to those events, you also get all of this bonus content:

āœ… 15 Business Owner Burnout stories

āœ… BURNED Blueprint email & audio course

āœ… FUEL Framework email & audio course

āœ… How I got a book deal (with tips on how you can, too)

If you've already pre-ordered, go to this form on my website and fill it out with your order details. Once we confirm your order, you'll start to receive the bonuses via email.


Step 1: Pre-order at one of these retailers (same price):

šŸ“¦ Amazon:

šŸ–‹ļø Independent Bookstore + Autographed Copy:


Step 2: Fill out the form here to begin receiving your bonus content:


So yes, it's me. I'm a business owner going through a book launch! I'm really excited about this journey, and I'm so thankful that you're along for the ride with me. It's times like these that I remind my own self that:

It may be lonely at the top, but I AM NOT ALONE.

Thanks for reading; I'll catch you next week!

Julie Bee


When you're ready, here's how I can serve you:








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