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[FIRST NAME GOES HERE], 52 entrepreneurs are going through these two things.

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Hi Reader,

Sharing insights from around the entrepreneurial community, this week's curated collection includes two things every business owner I've talked to this year is dealing with.

Every. Single. One. 52 entrepreneurs.

Before I get into that, the next FUEL Day is March 12th. It's two hours of guided, focused work time to move your business forward for $47.

Now, let's get into those "things" we're all dealing with!


All 52 entrepreneurs report dealing with burnout in the last six months. Some of the signs reported included poor sleep, feeling "over" it, indecision, inability to focus, and a loss of passion for their businesses. I believe business owner burnout happens to all of us at some point, for various reasons. These conversations I've had emphatically support that assertion.

My advice: I've literally written the book on business owner burnout (thanks for supporting me!), but here's some food for thought. We have strategies for sales, marketing, HR, accounting, and operations. Why not have a strategy for burnout? If we know it's likely to happen, why not plan for it? Start with building your business support network. Then make sure you're taking time off from work each week - even if it's just one day - to recharge. There's A LOT more to it than that, but those are solid starting points for any burnout plan.

Ideal Audience Changes

Several of my contacts are refining their ideal customer audience further to hone in on their marketing messages. Many entrepreneurs have shared they feel their audience was too "niche", so they've expanded it. A few business owners I know are changing lanes entirely and targeting a completely different audience. In every conversation, ideal audience changes have come up. So if you're in this boat, you're not alone.

My advice: If you are bringing in clients and customers, do your research and verify an audience change will enhance your business before you move forward. That's one time you don't want to "see what sticks". If it ain't broke...

On the other hand, if you're not bringing in clients and customers, perhaps an audience change would help. Again, do your research before you make changes to your target market. Many times, it's not the audience; it's the messaging and/or offer to the audience that isn't working.

Those two topics have come up in every conversation I've had recently with business owners. If you're dealing with either of them, know you're in good company! Reach out to your support network if you need help.

It may be lonely at the top, but you are not alone. Please reach out at any time.

Thanks for reading; I'll catch you next week!

Julie Bee

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